Laagir Laagir (Priyatama) - Dj Shilesh & Mahesh

This song 'Laagir' from the marathi movie 'Priyatama', Directed by Satish Vinayak Motling.

Starcast: Siddharth Jadhav, Girija Joshi, Sanjay Khapre, Prafull Samant, Charusheela Vacchani, Sagar Satpute, Ria Mhadgut, Bhakti Jadhav, Jai Thanekar, Mansi Marathe, Kishor Jaikar, Vivek Gore

Produced By : Sejal Shinde
Directed By : Satish Vinayak Motling
Written By : Sachin Darekar

Priyatama - A mesmerizing love story takes place in a small village of Maharashtra way back in 1951. The story of Parsha and Gauri, who belong to different social statuses and have contrasting lifestyles. But their love for each other does not get affected by these difference. 
Parashuram (Parsha), the protagonist belongs to the Potraj community. He lives a smooth sailing life until he comes across Gauri.... a sweet young village girl. Gauri belongs to a very rich family whose father is the Sarpanch (mukhiya ) of the village. 
On seeing Parsha for the first time Gauri is terrified of his appearance.... But very soon comes across a gentle hearted person in him and they both start feeling for each other. 
Then that feeling gets strong with every meeting and very soon they realize that they can't live without each other. 
But like every iconic love story, this journey also is not simple for the two of them. They are forced to face very rough reactions from both ends of society. But they decide to stand strongly with each other against all odds. 
What happens then....?.... Will society understand their feelings and allow them to come together...?.... Will they accept defeat and part ways...?
This musical, romantic roller coaster ride of emotions and a story of extraordinary battle for love and togetherness is..... Priyatama.
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