Apadi Pode Pode - Dance Mix - Dj Shailesh & Mahesh

I really love this song .
The acctress in the song is soooooooooo CUTE........
After listening to this song i am eager to learn telugu.
If any one ? Please contact.

Aapde pode (tamil song) .....People dance on this song very crazily..there every spect of body involve while they do dance and listen this song......awesome but don't know its meaning....can one tell its meaning in english.
Hi this is the conversion of song..
The meaning differs based on the usage. Literally "Appadi Podu" means "Put it like that"
 Suppose someone playing golf focus on the hole and puts the ball straight onto the hole successfully, you may say "Appadi podu" (Perfectly aimed and 'put' as per expectations)
 If the bowler bowls the ball in a perfect angle with a perfect speed and the batsmen get stumped, you may remark "Appadi Podu" to express that the ball was 'put' in a perfect manner and met it's objective...
Not a tamil guy   but found something that might be important..
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